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Global IT Hardware Supply

Supplying all the major vendors, we are one of the most experienced global IT hardware suppliers out there, supplying and managing global projects for enterprise Service Providers, VAR’s, corporate businesses and Government organisations.

We understand IT procurement challenges better than most and we take the headache away for you, delivering on the promised ETA, reducing your costs and providing professional post-sale support. Burlingtons IT Services specialise in providing all multi-vendor IT hardware equipment, be it the latest brand new HP server or an old end of life IBM P-series server, offering the very best prices available and managing a seamless delivery for all  Corporate Businesses, Government Organisations, Worldwide Charities, IT Resellers, Enterprise Service Providers and MSP’s.


Working independently of manufacturers, we’re able to offer our IT equipment from most of the major hardware and software brands at competitive prices. From a multi-million-pound stock warehouses in the UK, we supply major IT brands quickly, efficiently and globally and  – most importantly – we can offer you the best possible prices.

Over the years we have forged excellent working relationships with the top brands which enable us to take advantage of promotions and discounts from all the major IT equipment manufacturers.

As a leading IT and computer hardware distributor, we cover a wide range of products from stock held in the UK. We offer same-day dispatch for all our IT equipment via our specialist courier partner. We have a vast array of peripherals available, from hard drives, memory and PCI cards, to replacement motherboards, PSU’s and other vital components to get your system up and running.

Our extensive knowledge, experience and procurement expertise enables IT supply with next day delivery on not only windows servers but all UNIX hardware such as P-series, Sun, HPUX and Prime power with all upgrades and parts ready to ship.

Supply chain management

We have a vast amount of experience and knowledge in working with Global IT VAR’s, Government organisations and Forbes top 100 businesses in supply chain management.  We can offer most IT hardware from a unique £6m stock holding which includes all IT vendors and brands, we manage global supply chains, multi-location shipping and can even have servers built to your configuration and ring fenced for you, providing you the ability to save days, weeks or even months waiting for delivery of hardware.

Transform the way you purchase technology, reduce the time it takes to run your business and enable further growth for your company.  We manage and resolve any challenges you may have such as ETA deadline requirements, IT procurement difficulties due to dealing with many suppliers and IT hardware shipping to several different locations across the globe. We will take responsibility for all these things and deliver a seamless, efficient supply for all IT hardware supply requirements you have, whether it’s just a single memory stick going to Dubai or a ten-pallet server project shipping to the Netherlands

Our technical logistics team can configure everything for you before shipping, meaning that each server or storage or networking device is ready to use straight out of the box. No headaches and no time or effort needed, we let you know when the hardware is being configured, packaged and leaving the warehouse and monitor the progress of delivery.  We are more than happy to arrange a meeting at the warehouse with you to view the logistical capabilities our state-of-the-art facilities in order to provide any re-assurance that you need.

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