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Moving to the cloud will open up new possibilities and opportunities without investment in physical infrastructure and on-site support.

Cloud Services can offer businesses benefits no other IT solutions can. Saying that though, businesses struggle to find the time, capabilities and expertise to manage their clouds correctly, the reality is very different.

We can not only advise on, design and implement high-performing and secure cloud solutions, we also manage them, enabling improved service levels and reduce costs, leaving you free to spend your valuable time on driving the business forward from IT.

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Multi-Cloud

Hosting your business’s IT infrastructure with a cloud provider can allow your business to grow, by leveraging scalability and constant innovation.

 We make your move to Microsoft Azure or AWS a pretty slick process. Our team of Cloud specialists are here to provide you with expert access, architecture and design. Once you’re up and running in the cloud, our management and financial insights will arm you with continuous efficiency and optimisation of your cloud services meaning you can keep tight control of security, resources and cost.

As your organisation moves towards modern, self-service operations with a mixed ITIL and DevOps environment, you need a platform that can respond to high change rates. However, if you still want an on-premise solution with a Capex financial model, we can provide a Private Cloud which can deliver what you need. Private Cloud offers efficiency and speed through automation and reduces risk through standardisation and integration.

If your organisation has already made the decision to use cloud services, we can design them for you. Through a series of workshops, we'll look at architecture and offer advice on what type of cloud – AWS, Azure, Google, our hybrid cloud or your private cloud – can be used for each workload, before migration begins. We work with you to pick-and-choose infrastructure elements from both on-premises and the cloud, based on what is best for your business.

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