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Cloud Solutions from Microsoft 365

With our constant commitment to user experience,adoption and productivity, Burlingtons IT will ensure that whatever we do represents your brand and delivers long-term value.

We recognised the game-changing nature of Office 365 and the power of the cloud, which is why we tailor functionality that supports the work you do.

Whether you’re looking to migrate content and data to Office 365 from an on-premises solution or planning a whole new solution based on the cloud, we have the range of skills and experience to deliver.

Striking the balance of being able to continue to utilise facets of existing investments, but also take advantage of the new features and capabilities of more modern releases, is key to seeing a sustained return on investment. We are here to work hand-in-hand with you to help you make the right decisions and, if it turns out that an upgrade is the right way to go, you can rely on Burlingtons IT and our expert teams to make sure that process and results are equally rewarding.

Our Architects, Designers and Developers create a powerful team with all the expertise necessary to build and deliver your Office 365 Solution. Post launch, we can continue to support you both from a business and technical perspective to help drive usage, adoption and productivity.

The Office suites are always kept up to date, automatically upgrading to the latest version with no or very minimal impact or user intervention. Office 365 embraces cutting-edge security practices, with five layers of security and pro-active monitoring to help keep your data safe. The next generation remote working solution comes with Flexible, easy to manage payments, allowing your business to slide your usage up and down instantly, dependant on growth or changes within the organisation.

  • Learn

    We help you to define and refine the requirements for your new product and ensure what we are building will deliver the business impact you need.

  • Design

    Using an agile methodology, our product team builds your intranet solution in short bursts, responding to change as required.

  • Enhance

    Using quantitative and qualitative data, we measure the effectiveness of the product, iterating through the process again until the full business value is realised.

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