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We consider your business challenges, not just your technological ones. We are vendor-independent, so we’re free to design best-fit, flexible solutions that enable your organisation to grow and we understand the new cloud world and how you can connect to it by following a simple, balanced, correct path from talking to our experts. Servers and storage solutions shouldn’t be a commodity.

That’s why we always think about the entire data centre when designing your solutions. Using world-class technology from our carefully selected partners, we can ensure that your infrastructure works seamlessly and integrate well with all other components. We work on the ethos that one size doesn’t fit all and our expert consultants work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to design, implement and optimise IT infrastructure solutions that are tailored to individual needs. Unleash your potential and reduce IT complexity by talking to us here at Burlingtons IT Services.

Virtualisation enables you to use capacity efficiently. You can deploy less hardware (saving money) and deploy required capacity faster and more easily. You save time, not having to manage an increasing number of physical servers. You enjoy increased availability and reliability. And virtualisation also helps you move to the cloud, provides scalability and flexibility, and offers more DR and migration possibilities.

We design and build high-quality virtualisation platforms on which their applications and services can run stably. We use tried-and-tested technology from three of the field’s major players: VMware, Microsoft and Citrix. Though we work with all three, we are completely independent and therefore better able to recommend what works best for you.

We’re always happy to present your options and inform you correctly. And where necessary, we offer a Proof of Concept (PoC) to demonstrate the proposed choice works.

Servers shouldn’t be a commodity. That’s why we always think about the entire data centre when designing your solutions. Using world-class technology from our carefully selected partners, we can ensure that your servers work seamlessly and integrate well with all other components. You won’t just get access to some of Europe’s most skilled server specialists, but you’ll also have a single point of contact for when you need a helping hand.

“Do you already run hardware from one particular vendor? Would you prefer not to change this and add complexity, so make resolving problems easier? Are form factor and power consumption important to you? How will your new server management tools integrate with the tools you currently use?”

These are the questions and requirements we look in to when considering a server estate for your business. We pride ourselves on our becoming your trusted adviser – and this is as true for servers as it is all other areas in IT. We do this by focusing on building long-term relationships, but it wouldn’t be possible if we weren’t technically astute and independent from vendors to recommend what works best for your organisations and its workloads.

The network has never been so essential to business outcomes as is now. Company owners, staff, customers require the ability to retrieve applications and data — and this must be anytime, anywhere, Irrespective of where the applications and data sit. We offer experienced consultation, design, implementation and ongoing support for all networking requirements.

With a long history in independent network design, implementation and consultancy, Burlingtons IT Services have a proactive and future-thinking outlook on networking designs to work with you on any networking requirements or advising on best-fit networking solutions. From state-of-the-art new IP routing and switching solutions or a more environmentally aware networking product we have the networking skills to assist you. We have a history of designing next generation Cisco, Checkpoint, F5 and Huawei network solutions, plus many other networking vendors and with our recycling solutions you can rely on us to work with you on the full networking life cycle.

When you Recycle or sell your redundant IP routing or switching equipment to us at Burlingtons IT Services you will be will helping your businesses or organisation with their CSR goals and if you have unused hardware we can demonstrate and advise where you could make use of it, in turn enabling sustainability and reduced cost for your business.

Storage is the foundation for everything. You must not only select the right technology, but also size it to deliver the right levels of capacity, performance and data protection. Thanks to our expertise and partnerships with the most innovative and renowned storage providers, we help you do both.

Which storage solution is right for you?  We look at compatibility, availability, performance, security, data protection, cost and more. We also provide all the ongoing support you need, to ensure the storage solution we agree on, stays stable and available, day in, day out.

Backup and Disaster recovery
Backup and disaster recovery are a key topic for any size company. What happens if my server fails? Is my data securely backed up? How long will my employees be offline for?

Our solutions team can enable you to simplify your backup and recovery strategy whilst effectively improving service levels.

Data protection is one of the most important components of Backup and Recovery. If data is changed unexpectedly, a system compromised or a site lost, backup enables intellectual property, sales data, and other business information to be recovered. Without backup and recovery, the potential for liability, missed revenue, and lost productivity is staggering. Unfortunately, building a strategy that meets your requirements while balancing costs is not always easy. Burlingtons IT Services team can help as we partner with a collection of strategic vendors for every aspect of your back and disaster recovery strategy to guide you through the process, simply and easily.

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