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Professional Services

We help our customers amplify their investment in IT by assisting them along their technology journey. We align your IT road-map to operational needs and business priorities, helping you to make the right procurement decisions and ensuring your implementation projects run smoothly and quickly.

With expertise that spans the full technology stack and experience gained from hundreds of projects, you will find us highly flexible in the way we work, meticulously detailed and focused on your success.

Professional services capabilities
Burlingtons IT Services offer broad mix of technical engineers to offer our customers a wide range of professional services. Our Professional Services Team can guide you every step of the way regardless of the project. Our highly qualified staff will engage, investigate, manage, deliver and become part of your team to rely on.

We are able to help you understand where you are, where your company wants to be, and how to achieve your goal by creating a practical, next generation solution which encompasses your organisations ecosystem.

Project management
The key to project management is effective planning with expert communication at every step. Any successful project requires robust control, tolerance management, fully end-to-end. Exceptional project management is the lifeblood of our own operation because it makes sense for your IT Services partner to conduct your project management, potentially reducing the disruptive effects of any internal roadblocks you may have.

We deliver project management services that are individually tailored to each client. Indeed, our approach is what sets Burlingtons IT Services apart – we blend the disciplines of change and project management to support the creation of expertise within a business.

We partner with and research vendors that add value with ‘best-of-breed’ technologies. We’re completely independent, however. Important because it means we’re free to create your best-fit solution to drive your business ahead of the competition.

Good planning is vital to a migration’s success. We look to understand all your environment, business requirements, dependencies and constraints. We look to see which data is required to migrate and we’ll examine everything, from timings, expectations and testing. 

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